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                                                                                                               August 2, 2000








Eric Wilhelmsen

Wilhelmsen Consulting

455 Falcato Drive

Milpitas, CA  95035-1113


Re: Juice Industry Survey:  Prevalence and Practices Related to Acid-Tolerant Bacillus


Dear Eric,


This letter is a follow-up to our conversation at the recent juice processing workshop held at UC Davis.  I am very interested in helping you with a survey of approximately 75 members of the juice industry regarding acid-tolerant bacillus (primarily Allicyclobacillus spp.).  My understanding is that you would like assistance in developing the survey, and that UC Davis would be responsible for reproduction, mailing, following up and collecting and analysis of the survey data.  A final report would also be expected and presentation of the data at a scientific meeting.


An estimated budget is attached with a total of $2,963.85.  The budget is calculated without overhead charges meaning that the funds will have to be received as a gift to my program. 


Please contact me if you have any questions regarding the budget.








Linda J. Harris, Ph.D.

Extension Food Safety/Microbiology Specialist



Duplication                   (1 page cover letter, 3 page survey, 75 copies)

                                    (300 pages @ $0.10/page)                                                                30.00

Envelopes (large 75 @ 0.10)                                                                                                    7.50

Mailing (75 copies @ 0.55)                                                                                                    41.25

Return self addressed, self stamped envelope (75 small @ 0.05 and 0.33 postage)                  28.50


Follow up

Phone charges                                                                                                                        50.00



Secretary support (8 hours @ $10.41/hour and 28% benefits)                                              106.60

Technician (2 weeks @ $587.00/week and 28% benefits)                                                 1,500.00



To present data at national meeting                                                                                    1,200.00


Total                                                                                                                                2,963.85