Seminar Details:


9:30                 Coffee


10:00               Welcome to RSSL


10:05               Mr. Marty Stutsman (US Food & Drug Administration)                                       US Regulations for Fruit Juices and Beverages

Mr. Stutsman, who is chair elect of the TCJJP, will talk about the regulations that pertain to juices & juice products sold in the US.


10:45               Mr. Gerald Goldwin (UK Food Standards Agency)                                            

The New European Fruit Juice Directive

Mr. Goldwin will talk about the new European Fruit Juice Directive and its impact on the European Fruit Juice Industry


11:30               Mrs Kristen Gunter (Macfarlane, Ferguson & McMullen, provides the liason between NJPA, TCJJP & IFU for Codex discussions)  Developments within the Codex

                        Mrs Gunter will talk about the developments in Codex on the standardisation of Fruit Juice Regulations and implications for World Trade.


12:00               Lunch


13:30               Mr. Jan Hermans (Secretary of AIJN)                                                                    AIJN Code or Practice & its use in the control of juices in Europe                     

Mr. Hermans will talk about the AIJN code of Practice and the expert panel who drew up the code together with information about the newest revision of the code which has recently been launched.


14:15               Dr. Brian Baigrie (Reading Scientific Services Ltd)                                            

             Analysis of Taints in Foods and Beverages                                                  

Dr. Baigrie will talk about the problems associated with the analysis and             identification and off-odours and off-tastes in foods and beverages.


15:00               Dr. Angus Knight (Leatherhead Food Research Association)

Dr. Knight will talk about the use of DNA techniques in the detection of GMOs and the characterisation of juices.

15:45               D. A. Hammond (Reading Scientific Services Ltd)

Recent advances in the detection of juice adulteration

Dr. Hammond will review recent methods proposed to assess the authenticity of juices           


16:15               Open Discussion


16:30               Close