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The TECHNICAL COMMITTEE FOR JUICE AND JUICE PRODUCTS  has been formed as a non-profit scientific and educational committee to provide support to the Association of Official Chemists by providing government agencies and other interested parties, particularly regulated industries, with analytical information, expertise, and methods which have undergone interlaboratory testing and have been found to be scientifically reliable.  It is expected that methods adopted by the Committee can be used by government and industry to determine compliance with government standards or product specifications as well as being useful for research and other applications.



  • Develop and adopt accurate methods for the analysis of juices and juice products.

  • Facilitate collaborative testing of new analytical methods.

  • Facilitate acceptance of methods as official AOAC methods.

  • Improve communications among government, academic, industrial and private laboratory scientists working in the area of juice research.

  • Recommend and acquire funding for development of new analytical methods.

  • Work with the AOAC to publish a compendium of official juice and juice product analytical methods.

  • Promote use of official methods of the Committee by all sectors in order to obtain the benefits of uniform use.

  • Maintain cooperative arrangements with other state, national and international associations and societies to achieve uniformity in analytical methods. Membership is open to any person or organizational representative of a governmental agency, academia, professional association, private laboratory, or firm involved directly in the analysis of juice.